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Who Are We?

We are a group of 8 adults, and 8 children, who purchased a large acreage to pursue a sustainable lifestyle and build a cohousing community. Our vision is to create an innovative living space for 10+ households. We have been meeting, envisioning, and planning since 2021, and are formulating and writing out our values, community guidelines, and setting realistic expectations and milestones.

Nestled in the Okanagan mountains, our off-grid community space is more than just a place to live; it’s a shared journey where diverse individuals come together to share experiences, values, and responsibilities.

Our community offers a welcoming multigenerational environment to those seeking a harmonious blend of individual autonomy and collective harmony with nature and people.

Current Community Members

Here’s some information about our vibrant community members. As we continue to grow, we’re excited to welcome new faces into our fold. Currently, we have two available lots for purchase and two for rent, offering various options for joining our community. If you are interested in joining our community please read through the Join Us page.


Kathryn is a mom, college instructor, and business owner. She runs her business online from home and has dreamed of buying land, homesteading, building a retreat, and creating an intentional cohousing community for over 10+ years. After many books, courses, and meetings she finally took steps to make those dreams come true.

She is a mom to 4 kids. Her 2 oldest have moved out, but 2 teen boys still live at home and are excited to be living on the land. They are very excited about the community plans and making new friends. The two boys are 12 and 15 years old and homeschooled.

Kathryn has been a vegetarian for 20 years and an environmentalist since high school. With her business knowledge, love for animals, large community garden experience, good friends and family, and strong determination, her goal is to start her retreat and help build the cohousing community.


Simone was raised in a large family in a small city near Paris, France. Growing up in her city she learned about sharing, respect for community life, and tolerance of differences. It’s in this environment and with a strict upbringing that Simone also learned the art of DIY, gardening, cooking, and budget management. Her life journey gave her the strength and courage, as a self-taught person, to invest in a career focused on real estate. With an inherited taste for traveling, she spent her holidays exploring the world and taking her daughter on adventures.

Through exploring the world, Simone had amazing experiences and met a diversity of people with different lives. The not-so-glamorous part of the world taught her to appreciate life and feel grateful for being born into the life she has. As one of the founding members, Simone is looking forward to putting her versatile skills into this beautiful project and is excited to live in harmony with nature and people within the community.


Alice teaches the senior’s art program ‘Artsy Aging with Alice’ at the Penticton Art Council’s Leir House. She is an artist and reflexologist and has taught workshops on Reflexology, Huna, meditation, papermaking, eco-printing, and painting. She is also a board member of Incredible Edible Penticton, a free-food community garden addressing food security for Penticton residents.

As a former Family Support Worker and Nobody’s Perfect Facilitator, Alice has a keen interest in healthy families and supported parenting. Alice has been dreaming about owning land and building a community for many years. She is excited to be one of the founding members and developers of the community. Alice is looking forward to helping stock the arts & crafts room in the community clubhouse and planning interesting art events for everyone.

Ryan & Bibi

Bibi and Ryan are among the founding landowners and community developers. They are also experienced off-grid adventurers, having built and lived in an off-grid camper van, and are educated in solar technology and methodology.

Ryan currently does professional corporate financing in Vancouver, BC, and is looking forward to a less corporate lifestyle in the cohousing community when they move to the property in April.

Bibi is a home-based entrepreneur. She works on Amazon running a couple of businesses and will be working with Kathryn to set up their glamping retreat this summer.

Together these two bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Wandering Coyote Community.

Shaun & Anna

Sean and Anna are among the founding land purchasers and community developers. They are multi-talented individuals with a variety of skill sets that will benefit the cohousing community. 

Sean is a professional plumber, gas fitter, and carpenter. He has been running his own business for 5 years and has many assets, tools, and machinery that will make it easier to do all the community building.

Anna is currently a full-time mom to 4 kids, ages 4 months, 2 years, 13 and 16 years old. She also helps run the plumbing business and is experienced in building and homesteading. She is excited to help develop the community, grow food, and help take care of the chickens.

The pair of them have also been busy working on building movie film sets around the Okanagan for the last couple of years.  


Janice is a retired teacher and school administrator. Her volunteer work has helped support people with lower income in transition with their housing needs. She is an avid traveler and enjoys adventures around the world.
During the last few years, she has been researching alternative housing situations with a high interest in cohousing communities. She is very excited to be a founding member of the Community.

Now that you know more about us, we’d love to get to know you.

Fill out the community questionnaire today to get involved with our sustainable cohousing community!

About Us

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