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Community Values

All our decisions and solutions will revolve around prioritizing these values for our overall community project.

Our Community Values:

  • Community: We value strong interpersonal connections and actively contribute to the well-being of our neighbors and the whole community.
  • Sustainability: We prioritize eco-friendly permacultural practices to live with nature and lessen our carbon footprint.
  • Inclusion: We create an atmosphere of respect for diversity, individuality, autonomy, inclusiveness, privacy, and shared spaces.
  • Cooperation: Collaboration, consensus, work sharing, and mutual support are the cornerstones of our community.
  • Wellness: We strive to empower individuals to explore their physical, mental, and emotional well-being needs within a supportive network, encouraging personal growth and fulfillment.


Mission & Vision


Our Mission is to create a close-knit rural community where shared values and collaborative efforts result in a thriving and sustainable living experience. We do this by respecting the uniqueness of each individual, and by taking responsibility for ourselves, our community, and our environment. We celebrate our connections with each other and the richness of our diversity. We foster a sense of belonging, meaning, and purpose, sharing the fullness of community and celebrating the gifts of life and nature together.


To create a sustainable and inclusive rural cohousing community that fosters connection and harmony with nature and each other. We envision a community of individuals committed to permaculture stewardship, homesteading sustainable practices, and mutual support for each member in their life journey.

Community Governance

Our community uses consensus decision-making, which is a cooperative process in which the community works together to understand an plan and develop a suitable proposal, and agrees to support a decision that is in the best interest of the whole group (as opposed to a decision that is in the best interest of certain individuals). In cohousing jargon, it usually works out as “most people get most of what they want, most of the time”.

The community is also run by a board of directors that work with all community members. Directors are voted on to the board by community members yearly. All community members can come to monthly meetings and have a say in what happens in the community. The board of directors are there to help facilitate the decision-making process of consensus and keep meetings moving along through the process to a conclusion. If needed, the voting alternative method will be used if consensus isn’t reached after 3 meetings. The Directors know the community guidelines inside and out and are responsible for the business aspects of the community. The directors also keep track of all the community financing, meeting agendas, the meeting minutes, and report all changes in the community corporation to the province and corporation records office. They make sure we are abiding by the corporation’s bylaws and the province of BC business regulations.

We would also like to combine consensus with sociocracy, which is creating teams to help run the different aspects and areas in the community. Teams would form for different tasks that need completing, such as the garden and landscaping team, the building and maintenance team, the animals teams, and the clubhouse and social events team. All these different teams will be formed as we bring in new members and have more people to create team groups. Each team holds certain decision-making rights for the areas they maintain, to make changes and planning more streamlined and easier for the community. All major changes and financing needs would be brought to a meeting so the team can submit a proposal for their plan, and the whole community can help make a decision. We hope to implement Teams in the near future as the community grows. Decisions are made as a whole community and then implemented together.

Future Community Plans


Development of the community lots for sale and rent. Marketing the new community to attract like-minded members. Communal areas of the property begin construction:

  • Gardens: Establishing communal gardens for sustainable agriculture and food security for the whole community.
  • Firepit: Creating designated firepit areas for community gatherings and enhancing social interactions.
  • Hiking Trails: Developing scenic hiking trails within the community and through crown land to encourage outdoor activities and connection with nature.
  • Animal Care: Chicken coop area and a dog run to provide a safe space for pets to run and play together.
  • Sledding Hill: There is a great area that’s perfect for winter sledding. It needs a tow rope and some work to make it perfect


Continue to build and develop the community. Bring on 1-3 new families that would like to join our community and buy or rent a lot. Other plans include:

  • Creation of the Clubhouse: Design all the fun rooms for community use, such as library, craft room, games room, workout room, theatre/hangout room, group meals and event dining room, commercial kitchen, and playroom.
  • Put in an above ground pool, hot tub, and deck.
  • Build a community workshop – for woodworking, metal work, and building things. Including storage for communal tools and equipment.
Location & Amenities

We are located in the South Okanagan Valley of BC in a town called Kaleden located just 10 minutes from the Twin Lakes golf course and community gas station.

Twin Lakes is good for fishing, kayaking, SUP boarding, and ice skating. It holds community events and fun get-togethers.

The property borders 350 acres of crown land, so there’s a lot of area for hiking, biking, and quadding. There’s also a neighborhood-built shooting range on the crown land.

Close amenities include:

  • Twin Lakes Golf Course (10 min)
  • Twin Lakes gas station and market (10 min)
  • Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (15 min)
  • Apex Ski Hill (45 min)
  • Baldy Ski Hill (1hr 20min)
  • Penticton: Approximately 30 minute drive (35km)
  • Kaleden: Located 15 minutes away
  • OK Falls: Approximately 20 minutes away
  • Keremeos: Situated 25 minutes away
  • Kelowna: Approximately 1 hour away
  • Oliver: About 30 minute drive away

We respectfully acknowledge the land upon which we live and work is the unceded territory of the Syilx indigenous peoples of the Okanagan.

StoneCircle Retreat

StoneCircle Glamping Retreat is leasing the lower 10 acres on the property that the community is on. The owners of the retreat will be building domes, cabins, and tenting sites to rent out. They will also have wood-burning saunas and hot tubs for glampers and community members on non-busy weeks.

The retreat will also be hosting workshops, classes, and retreats put on by the owners and other people from the Okanagan.

They look forward to sharing all the experiences of the retreat with the community members.

If you want to teach anything at the retreat or be involved in the retreat in any way, please let us know.

Our Community

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