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Meet the Community Members

Learn more about Wandering Coyote Community and meet the members by attending upcoming events at the property or calling and chatting with a community member. Events will help to get to know us a bit and see the property. We can also schedule individual site tours any day of the week.

We encourage everyone to read through our website and the FAQs, to learn more about the community project, who we are, the business structure, and how the community makes decisions.

Please check out our events page on the website for work parties, Zoom meet and greets, and fun events.

Lot Size & Information

Lots vary in size, but currently, we are developing two sizes – 1/8 of an acre, 5000 sqft (50 x 100 ft), and 2500 sqft (50 x 50ft) lots. They include space for a home, a storage shed, and parking. Any other structures or landscaping changes will need to go through a simple community approval process. The lots are positioned close together to create a pocket neighborhood on the property.

Each lot will come with septic lines, well water hookups to the lot, and access onto the lot for a vehicle. Lots don’t come with power because the property is off-grid. You will have to provide your own power by solar, propane, and/or generators.

Purchase a Lot

We will have a couple of lot leases for sale. These will be 999-year leases. We are looking for new community members who want to commit to long-term on the property and want to help build the community from the ground up. This year the long-term lots are priced at around $150,000 for a 5000 sqft lot, depending where they are located and what’s included. Rent to own is also an option with a down payment. The prices for lots will go up every year as the communal areas are built. The purchased lots include septic and water lines to the lot. Each house will need to provide its own form of power (generator, solar, propane, etc) The prices for lots will go up every year as the communal areas are built.

Yearly Lot Lease Rentals

There will be 2-3 yearly rental lots available. Yearly lease lots are for any structure that is not permanent. The structure must be winterized to -30 degrees if you plan to live in it all year. These can be tiny homes on wheels, yurts, domes, RV’s, etc. Rental prices will vary depending on lot and infrastructure needed, but it is around $650 a month for a 2500 sqft (50 x 50 ft) lot.

Monthly Community Lot Fees (Like Strata Fees)

All lot owners and renters will have to pay a community maintenance fee. Dues are for shared expenses for the common areas, savings for future emergencies, and community development. The monthly community fees will be discussed as a community yearly, and change as we grow. We want to keep these to no more than $150 a month per house.

We Are Open To Creative Ideas!

If you have an idea for our property, or a different lot size and would like to discuss it with us, we would love to hear it. Contact us with your ideas today!


An updated Map coming soon

Become A Member

If you have come to some events, met the members a few times, learned more about the community, and have decided you would like to become a member, then please follow the membership steps:

  1. Fill out the questionnaire.
  2. Attend 2 in-person community events, work parties, get-togethers, or group suppers so we have a chance to get to know each other and build connections. If you haven’t already done this in the past.
  3. Attend 2 community planning meetings in person or via Zoom, so you can learn our process and see what we are planning and how we make decisions.

Once the 3 steps are complete and you decide you’d like to purchase a long-term lot or rent a lot, then you can fill out the lease application form and lease contracts.

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